Development of libraries and laboratories in schools

Panacea has taken up the initiative to develop the libraries and laboratories in schools across the state. Schools which are low on such facilities are provided with books for libraries, and equipment for laboratories, to further the educative process, making it more practical, relatable and enjoyable. Three libraries and one laboratory in 3 different schools have already been embellished. (View Projects)

Workshops & Competitions

Panacea conducts one-day workshops involving art and craft, and competitions on public speaking (like debate and extempore), essay writing, and also holds quizzes for students in different schools and shelters around the state. The main aim is to interact with the students, and give them exposure to a platform, showing them different outlooks. Usually in these events, all participants are gifted with copies and stationary kits and victors are given are educational materials. (View Projects)

Tuition Programmes

We have undertaken free tuition programs in different homes and shelters around the city.Much needed help for these school-going students is provided by the regular classes taken by our members. Class test, innovative ways to study, and lessons about the world as a whole are imparted to them - making the bond between the teacher and student grow inseparable. Two such projects are currently underway. (View Projects)

Music & Dance Appreciation Sessions

Members of Panacea are well-versed in traditional as well as contemporary music and dance, and as such, we utilize this strength of ours to educate the kids about the fundamentals of these art forms as well as advanced workshops for those who are willing to participate. (View Projects)