Panacea is a youth based non-profit, philanthropic organization which was formed by students from different colleges on 11th June 2015 in the heart of Kolkata. These students, having graduated from high school, wanted to do something for the welfare of the society from which they have procured all their resources. Uniting under a common cause, this group of urban youths, who have had the opportunity of receiving education from the best schools, access to other social amenities and living lives generally devoid of inadequacy, depravity and financial distress, decided to put aside a few hours every week and take up the responsibility of bringing smiles to the faces of children who aren’t that fortunate. They decided upon something which they felt is the utmost need in today’s era, that is to promote education amongst children of the lower rungs of the society which the members of Panacea felt would help the former in empowering themselves and growing up into well-shaped human beings in the future. Members of Panacea pour a significant part of their pocket money into the organization on a monthly basis which actually funds the entire organization. Even though they are pretty new in this field and have started very small, members of Panacea believe that with the help of their education, and their strong desire of serving the society, someday they will be able to reach out to the world with the message of love and care.